Tote, Wigan

Background —

The Tote, formerly The Horse Totalisator Board is a British bookmaker with head offices in Wigan and over 100 staff. It was owned from it’s formation in 1928 by the UK Government but was subsequently privatised and is currently owned by UK Tote Group.

The Brief —

Tote were moving to a new office which they had taken over from another company. Their brief was to make the office feel like Tote; on brand, vibrant and all about horseracing! To apply this across the existing office space we concentrated on the Reception, the large Ground Floor kitchen, Second Floor tea point, meeting rooms and creating a variety of collaboration spaces. Bringing all of these elements together is the graphic manifestation splashing the feeling and brand of Tote across the Ground and Second floors of this Wigan property.

The Result —

A bold branded vision of Tote leaves no doubt who occupies this space. Even just focussing on select areas, the entire office is brought to life; colour and horse racing are evident at every turn.

Information —

Location: Wigan
Sector: Private Sector
Project size: 16,000 Sq Ft
Completion time: 5 weeks

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